Thursday, September 08, 2005


PDF Annotator beta available

I’ve been testing this new beta of PDF Annotator for several weeks now. It is sooo much better and faster. Oliver claims about 10 times faster. It also should open up all types of PDF documents.

Check it out .



I just gave it a shot and the new rendering engine is very much improved! I was hesitant to purchase a copy due to the legacy renderer (It didn't render a book I scanned at all), but now I'm sold. The full screen mode is really helpful. I have class tonight, so I'll get a chance to really try the new version out. Great job oliver!
Good news, thanks for passing along. I was annoyed in class tonight because of its slow response to advancing pages. By your description it seems they've fixed that issue so I'm downloading the beta now (assuming its a free upgrade if I already own it?).
it is a free upgrade
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