Monday, September 26, 2005


A quick update from the hospital

Well, its’ been a very rough couple of days for Maggie while in the hospital. They have not been able to control her seizures.  Maggie misses home greatly. No idea yet on when she will be coming home. The goal right now is to get and keep Maggie stable until we can get to St Louis. Her seizures are showing themselves in a much more visible manner now.


An MRI was done and it came back with a small questionable lesion / tumor where the old tumor bed was and about the same size as the original tumor. The MRI can’t differentiate whether it is scar tissue or tumor. We won’t know until we get to St Louis and the invasive monitoring is done, and a heavy duty MRI is done. This questionable lesion is in a very difficult part of the brain, so its’ not known what can be done surgically. With the temporal lobe now gone, they will be able to get a clearer picture of where the rest of her seizures are originating from. For right now, that lesion is looking like the most likely culprit for Maggie’s remaining seizures.


I was scheduled to attend the Microsoft MVP Summit this week I’ve canceled those plans.


We’re going to fight this with everything we have and will continue to pray that God would heal Maggie – whatever that might look like. I don’t pretend to understand what He is doing and why He is allowing Maggie’s suffering to continue on; but, He remains in total control of a situation that feels totally out of control to me.


One of the biggest things that God has taught me these past two years is that most of our life cannot be wrapped up in a nice little box. Pain and suffering is not very pretty. It brings out emotions and changes of lifestyles that most people do not like to acknowledge. We all desire for things to be wrapped up in a timely fashion so it can be put away and pulled out when needed. God doesn’t work like that. God will allow suffering to continue until His purposes are accomplished. God may not choose to heal Maggie in this lifetime. As of now, I’m not ok with that. But God is changing my heart to be in tune with His.


God also uses pain and suffering to bring out the best in people and we have seen that so evident in our lives. We have been so cared for that it would take me volumes to write about.  Thank you.

I'm thinking and praying for you, Rob.
You hang tough brother. Still praying.
Rob, thanks for sharing. You are an encouragement to me as our family deals with its own medical challenges. We will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers.

May the peace that passes all understanding be yours.

Grace to you,

Eric Mack
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