Friday, September 30, 2005


The Tablet PC in action today

Today was a wild day – ticket cancelations, rebooking of tickets, order pathology slides, etc.

Thought you might see how the Tablet PC played it self out today in such a practical way.

Situation: all I had was my tablet pc – no printer, no fax machine, and three kids. I only had a couple of hours to get this done so the fed ex would go out today.

Maggie’s neurologist requested that we get her pathology report and tissue samples fed ex’d from Denver to St. Louis. So I called Denver and they faxed the authorization form to me to my eFax number, which then got E-mailed to me.

I opened it up and printed it to my pdf printer and then opened it up in PDF Annotator. I filled it out using PDF Annotator, saved the PDF, and then using the eFax software, faxed the document back to them– filled out and signed.

What would have happened had I not had the Tablet PC? I would have gotten in my car, run to my office (with kids in tow), printed the document out, filled it out in regular pen / paper, scanned it, and faxed it using the efax software.

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