Sunday, September 11, 2005


The Tablet PC Show #23 with Tracy Hooten

This should be a good show! I really appreciate Tracy and her hard work with the Tablet PC Community.

The Tablet PC Show #23

Marc and I had a fun conversation with Tracy Hooten, the driving force behind The Student Tablet PC blog. The Student Tablet PC blog is a wonderful source of information for students using Tablet PCs but non-students can find a wealth of information, too. Tracy tells us how she likes her new Toshiba M200 with the wide-angle high resolution screen and other topics related to her usage of the Tablet at school. We talk about scanning textbooks and other large works into the Tablet and Tracy gives us some insight into the new beta version of PDF Annotator.

Does anyone have any first-hand experience with the PDF annotator? Is it bug-free and worth 50 bucks?
I've been using the beta version on a daily basis the past couple of weeks. The beta version is the best so far. I consider it well worth the $50.

Oliver has been pretty good about keeping the feature list going. He is improving the search capability, and looking at bookmarking.

If you want to ink a pdf, then PDF Annotator is the only way to go.

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