Saturday, September 24, 2005


TEO 3.0 feature list

Josh posts a list of the improvements coming to TEO 3.0 for the Tablet PC:

Oh…and he also says that if you buy TEO 2.0 now, the upgrade to TEO 3.0 will be free (an official announcement to come).

- Larger, more comfortable input controls with visible rule lines, focus indication, full keyboard support, and improved recognition.
- Much better correction interface with ability to correct recognition while preserving ink.
- Background incremental recognition and Outlook data binding for much faster saving.
- Full featured note taking with support for mixes of ink, text, shapes, images, and flags.
- Windows Journal import capability.
- Outlook attachments and contact links supported from within the TEO window.
- Many more Outlook fields supported. Almost all fields supported.
- Durations and abbreviations supported in ink. Writing things like "1 d" or "2 hours" supported in duration fields.
- Tab position can be top, bottom, left, or right.
- Notes bug fixed!
- Appointment label supported.

New Features
- Information bar allows special messages and context sensitive tips to be shown at the top of the window.
- Integration with Virtual Earth for mapping support without MapPoint.
- Integrated telephony features such as click to call and auto call journaling and conference calling.
- Integrated voice recording and playback.
- Background lookups in Wikipedia and other reference databases.
- Improved reminders dialog with ink support and text to speech option.
- Recurring appointments and tasks supported.
- Ability to choose the handwriting recognizer language on a per item basis.
- Option to warn when saving an item without a category.
- Contact images and business card images (from a CardScan device) displayed in the form.
- Layout manager provides optimized layouts for various resolutions and orientations.

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