Sunday, October 09, 2005


DIY Planner- about getting organized and then staying that way

Thanks to James for this link about the Moleskin journals. During one of my breaks from the hospital, I ventured over to the Washington University college bookstore just to browse their book selections and I happened upon a display stand of some Moleskin Journals. I've always been curious about them, so I picked one up for my wife. They feature a very nice hard-back cover and a folder inside the cover for storage. The paper is very nice as well. If I were not such a believer in Tablet PC's, I might be inclined to purchase more of them. However, the main drawback is the price - $14.95 (200 or 400 pages - I don't remember). I could never justify that kind of money for a notetaking apparatus. I'd much prefer a siimple black and white mead tablet for $1 - $2.

DIY Planner- about getting organized and then staying that way: "
Moleskine journals were all the rage a few months ago but I dont see as much on the Web as I used to.
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