Sunday, October 30, 2005


Does Fujitsu get a fair shake in the Tablet PC Community?

I’ll be honest: Fujitsu has never risen to the top of the systems I consider when recommending Tablet PCs to customers and community folks. The thing is, I don’t really know why it doesn’t rise above the TC4200, M200, or Thinkpad X41. Their convertible tablets have a fantastic round up of features and are the only ones I know of that offer a 12”, sxga, extended battery support, and built-in CD / dvd support,. They also offer the xga with wide viewing angles. Bottom line: they offer a great deal of configuration options to get where you need to go – almost to the point of taking the best of all the other OEMs and making those options available in a single T4000 convertible.

Plus, they are the only OEM (that I’m aware of) that offer both convertibles and slates. Their slates are very well  balanced, wide screen, and also offer extended  battery.




Some months back I decided that I wanted a slate. After a few weeks of comparing styles, features, price and support I chose a Fujitsu.

I ordered it on-line, customized it to my requirements, received an order confirmation, and started the anticipation routine.

Two days later I received an email from Fujitsu saying there was a problem with my order and giving me a toll-free number to call.

On calling the number I learned that Futjitsu had discovered that I had a different telephone number in my order form than my bank listed in my charge account file. This does not surprise me as I have had the account for 25 years and have changed phone numbers several times during that period. I have also made a lot of trouble free purchases with that card in the same period.

What did surprise me was that the clerk at Futjitsu insisted that I contact my bank and have them correct the phone number. The company, he concluded, would kindly hold my order in abeyance until this was completed.

Naturally I canceled my order with Fujitsu immediately and bought a Motion state instead, and have been happy with the choice.

Perhaps the problem with Fujitsu is not the products they sell, but how they sell their products.

Steve New
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