Sunday, October 09, 2005


EVDO from the hospital

I’ve finally been able to get broadband speed on my EVDO card. I’ve been using my card for CDMA speeds when at home in Colorado Springs.Its’ been great to experience EVDO while in St. Louis.

I am getting various connectivity issues, though, but I think it has more to do wth the hospital setting than with Verizon. I’m also dropping calls at various points in the hospital, even though I have full strength signals.

One intermittment problem I’ve had with my card is browsing the web. On several occassions after starting up a connection, I can get my email, but I’m not able to connect to any websites. I’ll try again a few hours later and it works just fine. I’m not sure if it is an aircard issue, verizon issues, or what.

Right before I left for St. Louis, I had to reimage my LE1600 Tablet PC due to a faulty Vista upgrade, so I’ve not been able to install all of my work applications back to my tablet. My main workhouse has been my laptop. For me, I could never survive with just one computer. I almost always need a backup computer. My Thinkpad T42 has served me very well in that regard (almost too well :-)

By the time Maggie gets to sleep at night, I’ve been too whipped to do much of anything having to do with work. That’s got to change this coming week as I’ve got some major work to do during the day.

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