Monday, October 31, 2005


Gateway $100,000 Edge Contest

Got an idea for a new business? Does it involve Tablet PCs? Want $100,000? Checkout this contest from Gateway, Microsoft, Intel, and Forbes:

Gateway $100,000 Edge Contest

1.) Describe your idea in one sentence.
2.) Describe the expected Return on Investment and impact in one sentence.
3.) Describe your customers and why they would buy your product or service in one sentence.
4.) Describe how the new Gateway Convertible Notebook will give your idea the edge.

Limit your entire entry to 200 words

Judging criteria:

i. Overall quality, creativity, & originality of idea submitted
ii. How much difference winning the $100,000 would make to fulfilling the idea
iii. Potential return on investment – how quickly would the $100,000 prize make a difference
iv. How would winning the Gateway Convertible Notebook computer give the winner an edge

Via Loren

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