Saturday, October 08, 2005


good news from seizure monitoring, other notes

Maggie had some rough seizures through the night. Maggie's neurologist, Dr. Ess, came in this morning and said they are getting some really good seizure data and are very pleased with what they are seeing. They need some more, though.

The monitoring surgery from Thursday is proving to be extremely fruitful. We couldn't be in a better place for Maggie's issues. Maggie's doctors are simply the best at what they do, and they are very approachable. The nursing staff is excellent as well.

On another note: Maggie's doctors continue to be amazed by all the web cards in her room. One of the doctors issued a challenge to Maggie: if all of your walls get covered by Wednesday, I'll go out and buy you a very special gift! So...keep them coming.

Maggie and I were looking at all the cards this morning and I told her to imagine that the cards were people's faces "Look, there is Aunt Bernice talking to you, look there's all the people from Korea, there is all the people from the church in South Carolina."

We had a great visit from Fred and Bonnie Correll's daughter and son-in-law, Will and Carmen, earlier this week. Then a wonderful friend, Dennis Rice, flew in and Maggie stole his heart. He hung most of the cards on the walls.

Today, our friends from Tupelo, Mississippi , Mark and Christy Watson, are coming in for a few days. They are bringing their newly adopted baby, Owen.

next week, Angela Thompson and Camille will be coming by for a several days.  Maggie can't wait to see Camille. They are the same age. Brad Miller, another good friend of mine from Colorado, will be coming by while in St. Louis on business.

These visits are priceless, especially being so far from home.

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