Sunday, October 02, 2005


headed to the airport

We are flying out this Sunday morning at 9:45, with an arrival at 3:45 in St. Louis.

If Maggie has a rough day, her doctors at St. Louis Children’s Hospital have told us to go ahead and admit her tonight.

I’ll post frequent updates to her website at, and send out email updates whenever something significant happens at the hospital.

Her schedule as we know it right now:
Testing from Monday – Wednesday
Resection or invasive monitoring surgery – Thursday
2nd surgery for resection – next week

We’ll be staying at the Parkway Hotel ( ) until we can get a room at the Ronald McDonald House. The Parkway Hotel has also given us a good rate for Children’s Hospital parents. We may opt just to stay at the hotel if the accomodations there are much nicer, including free wireless access for me to at least try to keep up with work.

My prayer before we head out is that God will protect Maggie during her 1 to 2 additional brain surgeries, protect our kids while we are away from them, for Kathi’s parents who will be watching the kids, and that God will allow us to return home with Maggie alive and with full health – seizure free and cancer free.

GOD be with you all.
I am sure He is with Maggie every minute.
Love and prayers.
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