Monday, October 17, 2005


LS800 + bump case = ultimate protection member Gromet on why you need a bump case when you own a slate tablet pc, especially with something  as light as an LS800.

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So i've had my LS800 for about a week now. This little sucker rocks. OK so i'm getting out of my truck today and I grab my backpack out of the backseat of my H2. Didn't realize my LS was where it was and it flew over my shoulder slamming into my driveway from about seven feet up. It was moving pretty fast too. It was in it's bump case thank god! She than slid about ten feet. Ithought the worst as I picked it up.

To my supprise, not a scratch, crack or anything. I was so relieved.

So anyway good news. She can take a hit!

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