Thursday, October 13, 2005


Maggie will be on TV tonight!

The Channel 5 (NBC) news crew came by Maggie’s room today to interview her and us about her story and these tremendous web cards.

If you are in St. Louis or you can pickup the Channel 5 NBC station from St. Louis via satellite, be sure to check it out at 10pm CT. Its’ a great testimony of the tremendous love people have for her and God’s wonderful Grace.

I’ll post some screen captures when they get me a copy of the piece and photos in the next day or so.


Looks like if you go to you can click on "Today at 10" and watch the newscast streaming... will try anyway.
Saw you on Channel 5 tonight. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I hope Maggie will be going home feeling healthier and happier soon.

Laura in St. Louis
here is the best thing about that newscast: Maggie was asleep while we watched it tonight - sleeping soundly.

Thanks for the link, Walter.
That's great news. Both the show itself and Maggie sleeping.
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