Tuesday, October 18, 2005


MIKE WENDLAND: Microsoft has a winner with Tablet PC operating system

I love reading Mike’s articles. I appreciate them because he doesn’t pull any punches. In this article, he again touts the benefits of the Tablet PC,especially when using OneNote. He also talks about how his use of the Tablet PC is getting him noticed by Bill Gates.

MIKE WENDLAND: Microsoft has a winner with Tablet PC operating system

Not to be a name dropper, but when Bill Gates spotted me last week at a news conference in Ann Arbor his face broke into a big grin and he greeted me with something to the effect of "Hey, Mike, my favorite reporter!"

Alas, it wasn't my journalistic skills that brought the compliment. It was the machine I was using to ply my trade: a small, slate-like computer using the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC operating system.

Gates absolutely loves the Tablet PC system. He thinks it's one of the most innovative and useful things Microsoft has ever invented, even though it's been slow in taking off.
It was the second time this year that Gates and I had a face-to-face and the second time he noticed me using a Tablet. The last time we met, back in April during a visit to Dearborn, he was so taken by my use of the Tablet that he mentioned me by name a few days later during a speech in Seattle. So when Gates saw me last week again using a Tablet, he once again beamed approval and later, when I asked him about technology that personally excites him, he mentioned the Tablet PC.

"I'm staking my reputation on it in a very big way," he said.

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