Wednesday, October 26, 2005


OneNote Beta Testers wanted

Chris Pratley posted on the Buzz that he is looking for a few good beta testers. Anyone interested? I've got my request in.

Tablet PC - Forum

I know many of you here are looking forward to the next release of OneNote (which we codenamed "OneNote 12"). Since you're so committed, I thought I would offer you folks here in the Buzz a special chance to take part in the upcoming technical beta.

If you are interested in participating in the beta please let me know. Send mail to chrispr(at) with the mail address you would like us to use when contacting you, and use the subject line "OneNote beta signup". I can accept entrants for the next week or so, so please don't delay.

Note: the tech beta is going to be a little nasty so if you are not into trying out software that has a lot of problems you should wait for the "preview" which is coming in the spring. Also, if you don't feel you have time or inclination to really try this out and give us feedback, please consider waiting for preview since we really need committed testers for the tech beta.

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