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The Paperless Student � Blog Archive � GoBinder vs. OneNote

Here is a blog you might want to subscribe to: The Paperless Student. In this entry, he talks about OneNote vs GoBinder – good observations from a student in Seattle.

The Paperless Student » Blog Archive » GoBinder vs. OneNote

Last year when I started school, I did some research on alternatives to Journal, the Microsoft note-taking software included with every Windows XP Tablet PC. I’m not sure why, but I wanted to go with a non-Microsoft product for a change. Sure, Microsoft is big, but are they always the best? Living in Seattle, I have the privilege of hanging out with some of the folks who work on products like Word and XP Tablet Edition. You’d be surprised at how many Microsoft employees hate Outlook but have to use it.
I already owned a copy of OneNote. I got it free at an Office 2003 launch event. There were a few flaws with the program that made me look to other solutions.
1. The product appeared to be designed for business professinals and possibly teachers. They were not marketing to students.
2. Switching between handwritten notes and text notes was cumbersome.
3. It was a Microsoft product. I wanted to think outside the box.
After reading around, I found GoBinder. GoBinder was geared directly towards students. It even had a “Course wizard” that started upon installation to assist with setting up the electonic binder, calendar, and assignment lists. I downloaded the trial. When the trial expired, I purchasede the product.

So I’m saying all of this to say what? I’m going to have to try out OneNote again. Over the last few months I’ve watched Microsoft shift their marketing angle towards students. That’s good because the two most common things I hear when people see my Tablet PC are, “That’s cool. I need that,” and “Wow, I’ve never seen that!” Something’s wrong there.

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