Sunday, October 16, 2005


PC Pro: Product Reviews: ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC

PC Pro: Product Reviews: ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC

Not the unequivocal thumbs-up ThinkPads habitually earn. The X41 tablet is solid but lacks the flair we've come to expect from this product line, and comes at an embarrassing price.

After Chinese giant Lenovo's takeover of IBM's ThinkPad division, all ThinkPads are set to lose their IBM badge. But the ThinkPad range remains and will continue to be developed: the X41 Tablet PC is the convertible tablet version of the standard X41 ultraportable released last month, and comes with Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005.

The reviewer is completely right about the price. While most other Tablet makers in the UK are coming within spitting distance of "regular" laptop pricing, the X41 comes in at a whopping £1899 *without* any optical drive - around $3300. And that's excluding VAT (sales tax). By comparison, a Toshiba M4 is £1276, and offers a better spec than the Thinkpad.

It's almost like Lenovo doesn't actually want to have to sell any of them outside the US.
Well the M4 also weighs two pounds more too. No one who needs a tablet needs a Optical Drive built into it. The form factor isn't designed for it, which is why the M4 is an exception in the tablet market. Tablets should be light, have excellent writing feel, and be easy to carry/use. And where did PC Pro find a £1,899 X41 Tablet? The starting at price for ThinkPad Tablets is £1,290.00.
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