Friday, October 14, 2005


Plan for going home, the future

The plan for all of us flying home is looking like Monday. Things are also getting a bit firmer for where Maggie stands with the residual “seizures”.


It is highly likely that what Maggie is experiencing at this point are  the aura’s of a seizure, which are not actually seizures anymore, since that part of her brain is now gone.  She still experiences the sensation of the beginnings of a seizure and things associated with what used to cause seizures, but they won’t fully develop into one. That aura creates fear and learned behavior begins to kick in on how to cope with those feelings, which is to be totally expected.


It will take lots of time, lots of counseling, and some medicine to help Maggie learn to deal with those aura’s and realize that the seizures will not be returning, and the tumor is gone. We are also beginning to recognize that our whole family has been through a tremendous amount the past two and a half years, having lived in almost constant crisis mode. Some form of family counseling will most definitely be needed once we begin to settle back down from this 3 week trial.


The other remote possibility is that she is still experiencing some actual seizures deep within the brain that some additional testing might be able to detect. The doctors will begin to look at that option should the above prove to be unfruitful.


We are feeling much better about going home right now than we did several days ago. Maggie continues to recover well. Right now, her brain is dealing with a lot of sensory overload issues.


BTW: The video of Maggie on the St. Louis Channel 5 NBC news is now live at


Thank you for the constant uplifting of prayer support during this time. God has definitely left a huge footprint here.




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