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Anybody out there using the MindManager add-in ResultsManager?

I’m curious about what it provides beyond what I’m already doing with MindManager and projects – creating maps for each project and then subtopics and tasks.

I’d love to hear from some folks who use ResultsManager day-to-day. I’m downloading the trial to check it out.

Hi Rob,

I'm using ResultsManager on a daily basis (new version - ResultsManager Vista !) with MindManager 6.

I couldn't recommend it more.

Once you get into the swing of things with it - and get to grips with the dashboard templates, it provides a very easy way to view your tasks and projects from multiple maps in one place, without having to trawl. At the moment, I have upwards of 30 maps linked together for personal and work projects, and so Results Manager pulls the key tasks out of those for me to view. I find myself recreating the Dashboard Map 3-4 times a day to keep up with new tasks !

I highly recommend it - good luck, and have fun.


I love it - think it's a fabulous product - especially with the new inkable notes feature - the new version is better looking too.

My only problem, and this is probably directed more towards MindManager, is how slow it is on my M200 (with 1G RAM). So painful sometimes that I don't bothering opening it up to write down an idea because of how long it would take. Which kind of defeats the idea.

That being said, with the next generation of tablets coming next year and Vista and memory improvements, I'm sure it will only get faster - it really does help out - and is the best program I've found to do all your GTD'ing.

Hope that helps.

I have started using ResultsManager and now can't get by without it and MindManager. The great thing about MindManager is that it captures information in a context. This is great for brainstorming, but when you apply it to project management of your various tasks, it becomes an incredible tool.

It took me a while to play around with it to figure out how I wanted to use it, but the documentation that Gyronix has produced is a big help.

I'm also using a Toshiba M200 with 1G of RAM, and haven't experienced the same slowness that Jim mentioned. It can take a while to generate dashboards, since I have quite a few maps, but generally I just do this once or twice a day.

I highly recommend it.
I think Marc Orchant uses it.
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