Friday, October 28, 2005


Snipping Tool 2.0 to support international languages in Nov

Shawn van Ness talks about Snipping Tool 2.0 supporting international languages in November. That is very good news!

Tablet PC Team Blog : Strumento di Cattura... Coming Soon!

On my personal blog, I get a lot of requests from international fans of Snipping Tool v2.0 (part of the Experience Pack for Tablet PC). "When will a version be available that works on my Tablet?"
Rest assured, the team that's producing these packs has been getting those requests too. And, real soon now (November) we should have versions of Snipping Tool available in over half a dozen new languages... French and German first, followed shortly behind by Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese.
Watch this space... as the download links become available, I'll update this blog entry and post them here!

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