Thursday, October 20, 2005


A speaking trend that I've noticed

I’ve noticed over the past year that a lot of people are starting to begin their sentences with “So…” when asked a direct question.

For example, when meeting with the doctors last week, I would ask them a question and they would start out “So, “ pause “ Maggie…..”

I’ve watched a couple of channel 9 videos where they were asked to introduce themselves “So, “ pause “I’m John Doe and I’m the head of….”

I’ve asked some sales people a question about their product
“So, “ pause “We have this tablet pc….”

Is it just me? When folks do that, it almost feels as though they are not “talking” to me directly, but reaching back pulling something out and spitting out a piece of knowledge. Has the feeling of being a less personable way of conversing with someone.

It's one of those verbal ticks that really, really irritates me. It's the aural equivalent of staring over someone's shoulder while you're talking to them, in search of a more important person.
Dude that has been so popular in Microsoft for "soooo" (no pun intended) long. I first noticed it in the MSDN shows a few years ago (now called the .NET show). I hate it so much. It's annoying as all hell. I thought it was just something they did in the Northwest.

But I say "like" alot and I insert profanity in my everyday sentences like it's no f*ckin' thing. So I guess everyone has their little quirks.
So, Rob, what's your point? :)
Many commercials employ this tactic. I believe advertisers think that beginning a sentence with "so" when promoting a product (think pain relievers, etc.) makes us feel as though we are just entering a conversation with someone or overhearing an interview. It gives the feel of "I'm not trying to sell you something, just talking with you about the wonders of x product." My students do this during their speeches and it drives me nuts.
I've had the same observation and have the same irritation with this. I hear it a lot at meetings when someone is trying to interject him/herself into the conversation to make a point.

I think a lot of it is a lack of creativity and style when speaking.
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