Friday, October 14, 2005


A special note to the Tablet PC and blogging community

I want to thank you, the tablet pc and blogging community, for making my daughter’s stay at this hospital so special. You took a small request and went above and beyond. That’s community, and I’ll be forever in your debt. 

I’ve been overwhelmed with the generous outpouring of support – just from the tablet pc and blogging community. You know who you are – Thank you……

I plan on getting back to regular blogging of tablet pc issues – it might take me a couple of weeks or so to regroup, though.

Rob Bushway

Rob - Maggie is a remarkable person and has displayed such courage and grace. Thank YOU for allowing us to get to know her and in some small way provide a bit of good cheer and support during this difficult time. As you know better than anyone, she has a million dollar smile that speaks volumes. Safe travels home.
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