Tuesday, October 11, 2005


surgery details set

Maggie will have her second surgery sometime in the afternoon on Wednesday. Its’ not clear about the start time as the surgeon’s plane got canceled out of Boston today. He’ll be flying in tomorrow morning and then come straight in for her surgery.


A couple of other items have changed: As of 3:30 this afternoon, the surgeon does not feel inclined to core out the tumor bed. The risks of going in there are simply too high – stroke and paralysis. They are not seeing any electrical activity coming from the tumor bed area, so that adds to the case of not doing anything with there. The tumor bed has been an area of concern and the decision on whether to do it or not has gone back and forth for the past week. He wants to remove the rest of her temporal lobe and then see what we have after things settle down post-surgically.


Maggie is also having seizure activity that is not showing up on the monitors – they can’t track them. They feel it’s coming from some deep brain area that is going to be removed anyway, but they won’t know until we can see how she is post-surgically, which will take 2 weeks to a couple of months.


As has been the case since all the started over two years ago, we won’t be leaving here with the certainty that we hoped we would leave here with. Without a doubt, though, this next step has to occur, as the area being removed is showing definite seizures.


Thanks for everything!


Rob Bushway

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