Friday, October 14, 2005


Tablet PC components fixed to support .NET Framework 2.0

Picked this up from Josh Einstein, of TEO. This great news..:

Tablet PC components fixed to support .NET Framework 2.0

Microsoft has quietly released a fix for the Tablet PC managed ink components when running under the .NET Framework 2.0 which will be released very shortly. I encourage all Tablet PC users (especially TEO users) to install the fix below which I am linking to. Hopefully there will be a redistributable version soon. You should install this component now, even though .NET Framework 2.0 is not out yet. This will ensure that your apps (and TEO) continue to work properly when the framework is released.

This is very very good news because this enables Agilix to release Infinotes 2.0 which is dependent upon these fixes and corrects the problems that Infinotes currently has under .NET 2.0 beta. Agilix has said that they will release Infinotes 2.0 on or before November 7th. I want to thank everyone at Microsoft and Agilix who tolerated my bitching and got these fixes implemented.


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