Sunday, October 09, 2005


Tablet PC's in St. Louis Children's Hospital

I’ve been hearing all the talk about Tablet PC’s in the medical field. and how it is THE vertical market for Tablet PCs. This place is swarming with medical students – Washington University Medical School in St. Louis is here, Barnes – Jewish Hospital, The Center for Advanced Medicne, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

I’ve walked around outside during the day while students were bouncing back and forth, been in countless elevators, went to the bookstore / coffee shotp, met with a lot of doctors in Maggie’s room, etc and I’ve seen ONE Tablet PC. It was a Toshiba M200 and it was being used by a secretary, mostly in laptop mode.

I was really expecting a greater presence on a campus like this – a medical college campus.

HasMotion been here yet?

Spent 5 days at Mayo Clinic (not as a patient) and didn't see ONE. So if Tablets and Healthcare are big in this supposed booming vertical market, it's sure not very visible. My guess, like everything reported in theTablet market, whole lotta hot air. Saw TONS of Blackberries and Palms tho. Might take some time...
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