Saturday, October 15, 2005


TEO 3.0 screen shots and spent the day with Buzz

Josh Einstein on slowly building Buzz about TEO 3.0:

TEO 3.0 screen shots and spent the day with Buzz

Okay so early this morning I posted a couple screen shots of the task form in TEO 3.0 just to kinda give some insight into the improvements I've made over TEO 2.x in overall usability and eye candy. So far the reactions have been good but the reason I try to avoid giving info like this away in increments is because it actually makes the product less interesting when it finally is released because you've gradually grown accustomed to things. Take for example the release of the Whidbey family of developer technologies next month. I should be ecstatic because it's a huge upgrade over VS.NET 2003. But I've been using Whidbey in beta form for months now and in fact I've been developing exclusively in Whidbey for months too. So to me, Whidbey was released 6 months ago. And don't get me wrong, it is totally awesome. Well I guess there is something to be said about the fine balance between gradually building buzz about a new product and giving it away all at once.

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