Sunday, October 09, 2005


Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in the cards for Maggie. Her walls are just about covered with about 400 total cards so far. She has got cards from all over the world: the u.s., korea, China, kosovo, Turkey, England, Australia, and other places. She misses home so much and these are next best thing to actually seeing people’s faces.

The messages are such strength to her and to us – they are fuel. We read them all to her and then reread them we are all hitting lows.

The seizure monitoring is going along well and the doctors continue to get some good data – her case just remains very complicated to them (as it has to everyone the past two years). It is taking them a while to really understand her history and nature of her seizures. Her medical care here has simply been wonderful.

So far: almost two straight weeks in the hospital, with one of those weeks here in St. Louis. At least more week yet to go.

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