Saturday, October 29, 2005


"Thinking about the X41 Tablet PC one month later..."

Dave Taylor has some interesting thoughts on Tablet PC OS and the X41 Thinkpad Tablet PC. I’ve had the pleasure of using a Thinkpad T42 for the past several months and really like the laptop. Consequently, I found Dave’s article very interesting. (Via Warner Crocker).

I've been evaluating a Lenovo IBM X41 Tablet PC for about a month now and while I still have concerns about performance and occasionally am baffled by the subtleties of Windows for the Tablet PC, I'm finding that it integrates nicely into my workflow.

This morning when someone commented on my X41 Tablet PC entry with the question:

"Dave, interested to know whether you think its the hardware or the OS that is letting you down. Seems like its mostly the OS. Let me know please as I am looking at the x41 vs other Tablet PCs."

I thought it would be useful to move the answer into its own weblog entry, as a logical followup to my two previous articles on the X41 and Windows for Tablet PC: Lenovo IBM X41 Tablet PC: I'm Not Impressed and, a few days later, Windows for Tablet PC Handwriting Recognition is Superb.

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