Friday, October 07, 2005


Update from St. Louis

I want to thank you all for sending in those wonderful web cards. So far, Maggie has received over 250 web cards and her room is quickly getting covered. The hospital has only seen something like this happen one other time – and never so spread out from over the country. The doctors and nurses can’t believe their eyes! There are cards from Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Korea, and more. Kathi has read every one of the cards to Maggie as we’ve hung them on the walls and ceiling. They are a great visible representation of your love for her.


The doctors came in for a visit today and said that they are already seeing some very good results from the invasive monitoring – they just need more of it.


I’ve posted pictures from St. Louis on Maggie’s website at


Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for continuing to pray for Maggie.

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