Saturday, October 01, 2005


Upgrade pricing on TEO 3.0

Josh has passed along the upgrade pricing for TEO 2.x to 3.0

Upgrade price: $24.99
Full price: $49.99
Purchased 2.x after 10/1/2005 gets free upgrade to 3.0

 Estimated release date: December 2005

- Larger, more comfortable input controls with visible rule lines, focus indication, full keyboard support, and improved recognition.
- Much better correction interface with ability to correct recognition while preserving ink.
- Background incremental recognition and Outlook data binding for much faster saving.
- Full featured note taking with support for mixes of ink, text, shapes, images, and flags.
- Windows Journal import capability.
- Outlook attachments and contact links supported from within the TEO window.
- Many more Outlook fields supported. Almost all fields supported.
- Durations and abbreviations supported in ink. Writing things like "1 d" or "2 hours" supported in duration fields.
- Tab position can be top, bottom, left, or right.
- Notes bug fixed!
- Appointment label supported.

New Features
- Information bar allows special messages and context sensitive tips to be shown at the top of the window.
- Integration with Virtual Earth for mapping support without MapPoint.
- Integrated telephony features such as click to call and auto call journaling and conference calling.
- Integrated voice recording and playback.
- Background lookups in Wikipedia and other reference databases.
- Improved reminders dialog with ink support and text to speech option.
- Recurring appointments and tasks supported.
- Ability to choose the handwriting recognizer language on a per item basis.
- Option to warn when saving an item without a category.
- Contact images and business card images (from a CardScan device) displayed in the form.
- Layout manager provides optimized layouts for various resolutions and orientations.


Rob, can your post some sort of sourcing on the TEO upgrade plan, specifically that purchasers of TEO 2.0 will receive a free upgrade to 3.0? I've checked the TEO website, Josh's blog and the TabletPCBuzz software forums, but haven't seen anything.
It's not that I don't trust know.
I've E-mailed Josh and asked him to send me the web page.

Until then, you can trust me that it is true. I'll buy your copy of teo 2.x if its' not true.
Rob Bushway is a good friend of mine and I had asked him to make the announcement for me on Tablet PC Buzz but he had already stepped down as a moderator. Rest assured he got the information directly from me. I have just been very busy and catching up on alot of work. I've been almost completely out of touch with the online community for the last month or so.

Posts have now been made on both my blog and the TEO forum and I will add it to the TEO web site later today. Thanks for your interest in TEO!
Thanks guys. In retrospect Rob, I shouldn't have bugged you with this, I should have just waited, knowing that it would cross/-posted eventually. You've got enough on your mind without being pestered.

But none the less, thanks for the confirmation Rob and Josh. I'm ordered now. My tablet hasn't even arrived (I'm waiting for my wife to bring it back to Kosovo with her), but EVERYONE says this is an must-have app. Thanks again and Rob, my prayers are with you.
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