Tuesday, October 18, 2005


What's wrong with this picture?

Loren pointed to this CNet article with a good collection of the new Tablet PC’s. Now that I’m a new owner of an M280 Gateway tablet pc, I immediately saw the problem with the below picture – there is no way you can write at that angle. The battery has a large grip that creates an angle that makes writing like that very difficult. Now, turn the tablet around and you have a really good writing angle – almost like a small book stand.

Now, I could be totally wrong with this if the gateway pictured below actually has a flat battery.

Gateway's new CX2600 notebook family, starting at $1,349, has a 14-inch widescreen that swivels around on a titanium frame. The 6-pound tablet comes with a flash card reader, wireless networking and slots for batteries that last for up to nine hours.

It's also SP1 :D
Isn't it odd to have such a strong shadow of the hand on the monitor image?
follow that freaky looking hand back and i'm sure you'll see a bubble headed alien. yeek! where'd they get that model from?
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