Wednesday, November 02, 2005


48 Hour Trials of Tablet PCs

As many folks are looking to try out tablet PCs, but can’t get their hands on them, I’d encourage everyone to visit Allegiance Technology Partners. They feature a 48 hour demo on a variety of platforms: convertibles, slates, and hybrids. For those who want to try out a slate vs a convertible, you couldn’t have a better solution.

Allegiance has earned a great rep on

From their website:

Allegiance Technology Partners, Inc. is focused on providing Tablet Computer solutions to businesspeople and mobile professionals who need access to corporate data and client information anywhere and anytime.

Currently, we have the following models available:

Our 48-hour Tablet demo program has the following requirements of participants:

  1. Sign the 48-hour Tablet demo program agreement
  2. Provide credit card information in case unit is lost, stolen or damaged (credit card will not be charged except as stated in agreement)
  3. Pay for shipping charges in both directions

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