Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Acer C200 on TigerDirect

James points us to the new Acer C200 which is now on ww.TigerDirect.com . This looks like a great Tablet PC. It will be very interesting to see the comments starting to appear on the Buzz.

The new Acer C200 convertible Tablet PC with the innovative sliding hinge is now available on TigerDirect. This is the same sliding hinge Tablet that has been shown in the past by Bill Gates. I have played with one very briefly and it is very cool. The C200 is only $1699.99 on TigerDirect which is a very nice price.

Tiger Direct is a direct online retailer of computers and electronics. It is not that that the company offers low quality products. The complaints I found on www.pissedconsumer.com are more about the customer service, including the delivery services. Either you can not get your electronic appliance fixed if it is on a warranty or you do not get the product at all. None of these is cool.
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