Monday, November 07, 2005


American Girl and Girl's Inc.

The American Girl / Girl’s Inc controversy is gathering steam….

Most of you who have followed this blog know that my daughter took her Make A Wish trip to the American Girl Place in Chicago. American Girl dolls hold a special place in our home . Unfortunately, now, our family is having to take a stand regarding American Girl’s affiliation with Girl’s Inc. There won’t be any American Girl Christmas presents in our house as long as American Girl continues their affiliation with Girl’s Inc. 

The Politics of Playtime - Newsweek National News -

Tracie and Richard Cross have four daughters, who have seven American Girl dolls between them. Every time a new American Girl catalog arrives at their Ft. Worth, Texas, home, the girls fight over who gets it first. Last Christmas their dad gave them wooden beds he'd made for the dolls. The girls adore them, but their parents, like so many other conservative Christians, love them, too.

I'm curious, Rob. Which parts of Girls Inc. are offending you?
Rob - thanks for posting this. I had not heard about this. We have become fans of the American Girl dolls and books, but now I am going to re-think what I'm really buying when I buy one of these dolls.
Ah, I didn't know if it was particularly their pro-choice stance you disagreed with. But I guess it's the sexuality stuff too. That's a shame.
Thanks for putting this up Rob
Tell me, Rob. Do you really think that boycotting a doll is going to stop sexual/reproductive education or it's necessity?

I'm glad you think you're doing something good for the world by denying your children something they love. You're not, but I'm glad you think so.
With a gross income last year of 376 million dollars, I highly doubt you taking away something your daughter loves will make it all go away.

Girls, Inc. represents a minority: women and gives them opportunities to do well in their future. They aren't saying, "go out and have sex, girls...get pregnant and abort your children." They are saying, "Here's the knowledge and the right to make good choices, to sustain a bright future and be something unique...YOURSELF." I am just happy my parents allowed me to make my own choices with proper education to become my own person with my own opinion, not some sheep.

If you want to hold your daughter down and pry her little hands from something she holds dear, be my guest, but I doubt that the American Girls company will feel anything at all.
Our girls will be just fine and they understand what is going on.

I'm not about holding a non-Christian company up to a Christian standard. I don't expect for American Girl to teach Christan values.

However, when the values that they want to teach my children are in direct opposition to the values we believe in, then the company should here from us. To do otherwise would be living a double standard and teaching our girls that God's law doesn't apply to our lives and doesn't impact how we live. That is so much more important than the American Girl doll that they "might" have gotten for Christmas.

The affiliation with Girl's Inc. sets the wheels in motion for that to occur and that is what they need to from their customers - we don't like that - please don't go there. My $100 - $200 isn't going to impact their bottom line much, but I won't support a company with my money that wants to teach my girls how to live an opposite life than what our God teaches.
Answer me this, Rob?

How do you know what your "god" teaches when all you have with its alleged teachings in it is a book written by men?
How do you know what your "god" teaches when all you have with its alleged teachings in it is a book written by men?

I suppose we should listen to the Gospel of Bob instead?
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