Sunday, November 20, 2005


English Standard Version Bible for Tablet PC now available

Through a licensing arrangement with Good New Publishers, I’m pleased to announce the availability of the English Standard Version (ESV) for the Tablet PC via . Like previous offerings, this Bible is free.

It has been specially formatted with wide margins and double spacing for notetaking. In addition, it includes the awesome footnotes and red letter formatting that you have come to expect from the ESV Bible. Either GoBinder 2005 or Plan Plus for Windows XP is required.

Download the new Bible here: . After downloading, import it into GoBinder / Plan Plus by going to File / Import and point to the location where you stored it on your local computer. Then specify where you want it imported to. I’d recommend creating a Bible tab and importing it there.

Non GoBinder / Plan Plus users: I am working on another version of the ESV either as a stand alone application or to work in OneNote. If it is a stand alone version, it will be more than a Bible markup tool. I’d like for it to be a general purpose book markup and notetaking tool. More on that later.

Donations are more than welcome to help offset current and future licensing costs, hosting, and future development. Visit to make a donation.

Downloaded, installed, and fiddled an hour or so with the ESV version on Plan Plus. Not too bad, but the searching function is dismal at best. Looking forward to your non-GoBinder / Plan Plus version, hopefully with a more robust (Boolean) search function. Rob, could I ask which Bible software programs (BibleWorks, GramCord, Accordance, E-Sword, Logos, etc.) you use regularly or are familiar with?
there should have been no surprises in what I was working on, as all the rest of the books and Bibles on utilize GoBinder. I have to rely on the text only searching that is available within GoBinder.

The other tools that I primarily use are e-sword and Thomas Nelson's eBible software. I'm very familiar with the type of searching and verse navigation that you are after. Unfortunately, it isn't possible with the current implementation - which is why I am looking at writing my own app.

Please know that my goal from the beginning of this project several years ago was to not create another bible study tool - it was to take the printed Bible and make available on the Tablet PC so that we could write notes on it.
ok Rob, no need to answer my comment on the intro page. So its to function as a mark-up tool! Great, hope my new Tablet PC won't be a distarction in church.

A simple text version of the ESV would be really useful and nice and portable. Not everyone has Windows you know.
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