Friday, November 04, 2005


Experience Pack for the Tablet PC

How many of you are still using modules of the Experience Pack for the Tablet PC?

I tried them all out, but have primarily just stuck to using Snippng Tool and Art Rage, although I have been using SnagIt much more lately. The Ink Desktop was nice for a short while, but I found it to be too slow and buggy for regular use. I’m not a crossword guy, so that never appealed to me. The media player skin was very cool, but I use iTunes for all my music. I turned off the Energy Blue theme – I prefer operating my tablet pc  adjusted for performance and using Windows Classic.

So for me, the experience pack was basically an upgraded Snipping Tool.

What did Microsoft do right and what did they do wrong with this pack? What would you like to see improved or added?


Your experiences mirror mine to a "T." Right and wrong? Getting it out there for new users to have something to play with is the right thing. Wrong? Not so sure.
Rob - I tend to agree both with your experience and with Warner's comment. I use the Snipping Tool occasionally but am a long-time SnagIt user and prefer that tool. I do fill out a crossword from time to time and I enjoy dabbling in InkArt. I prefer the Energy Blue theme to Luna and find so little performance benefit from going back to the Classic UI that it's my preferred theme.

Ultimately, I think the Experience Pack (and the Education Pack to a large degree) offer a good selecton of free diversions for the new Tablet PC user and, to that end, are well done. I think the value for power users, as you have said, is rather limited.
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