Monday, November 14, 2005


Gateway commercials

I’ve had several friends ask me about the new Gateway “convertible notebook” commercials that they are seeing on tv. They told me that the notebook looks very cool and were thinking about getting one. They also asked me “it looks like it will do tablet pc stuff, too, like what you have been doing for a while – is that right”?

Looks like their marketing idea is working.

I think the Gateway commercial is one of the best commercials I have ever seen for a tablet pc. (Actually, might be the only one I have ever noticed) It actually shows how one can use it to an advantage over a laptop. I had an IBM Laptop and was considering an Acer Ferrari 3000 but thanks to my daughter, I have a Gateway M 275. I love it!
Meant to add that the only problem I have with the Gateway tablet is it's weight. Can't imagine holding it in the tablet mode while giving a lecture.
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