Thursday, November 10, 2005


Lamenting the loss of the TC1100 Tablet PC

Tablet PC enthusiasts on Tablet PC are lamenting the loss of HP’s TC1100 Tablet PC.

HP will be discontinuing the model as of 12/31/05. In my opinion, HP’s hybrid design has never been equaled by another OEM. Some have come close (Motion’s LE1600), but none have matched it. The ergonomics, asthetics, and flexability have made the TC1100 my all time favorite tablet pc.

So…if I love it so much, why don’t I have one anymore? Not enough juice for my needs. The video card is 32mb and the top speed is 1.2ghz. After talking with HP’s Ben Thacker at Windows Anywhere, I began to understand that TC1100 has a true cult following, but the current design of the TC1100 is too limited in meeting the battery loving, video card demanding, processor hungry consumer.

So – HP will be designing convertibles that are ultra mobile, have a great keyboard, and will be able to address the needs of the customer – which means gaining market share. I believe that HP hit a homerun with the TC4200 and we should start to see more units like it, only lighter, faster, and longer running on battery.


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