Sunday, November 13, 2005


A month later....

Things are going really well in the Bushway home. A month after returning home from St. Louis, we are finally feeling settled in.


Maggie has not had a single seizure since returning home. She has done a remarkable job in tackling her fears with situations that would have previously caused seizure activity. Her surgery looks to be a complete success. Maggie’s physical therapist will likely release her because she is doing so well. Her biggest struggles to date have been with her stomach, which appear to be ulcer related (due to stress and medicines). Maggie has a long road ahead of her learning wise, but we have seen God’s hand upon her precious soul and know without a doubt that Maggie has chosen to live her life to the fullest.


Dax, Anna Kathryn, and Zoe are doing remarkably well. The toughest time was our first couple of weeks home. A lot of emotions coming out of those wonderful kids.


By the way: Our foot is now in the pool of relief and excitement – we are looking forward with much anticipation to the big “belly flop”!


Fifteen years ago this coming Thursday (Nov 17), God united Kathi and I together. I recall Dr. Louis Hill speaking on how wonderful it is to be married to your best friend. I can relate to that. The past 2 ½ years have been a reaping of the seeds planted during our first 12 ½ years of marriage. The gift that God gave us 2 ½ years ago has made the many rides to Starbucks, watching Alias deep into the night, and sitting next to each other without having to say a word so much richer. It really does go beyond “being thankful for the little things” – it is a deep, rich relationship sewn by much pain and much more joy that words cannot do justice – a true gift from God.

It's a big relief to know that your precious daughter is recovering. And congratulations on your anniversary. Do you have any time to spare on your Tablet PC (ESV) Bible? We're waiting with bated breath.
Good news. The thoughts and prayers will keep coming. Congrats on your anniversary.
Peace Bro.
I was just wondering about the status of everything but hadn't gotten to check the forum lately.

Thanks for putting family comments on your blog, I feel like I know you.

And, if you ever drive through Birmingham towards Meridian, let me know. I'm well known in the Starbucks here and would love to treat you to a drink of your choice.

Of course, if the drink of choice is a good glass of wine, I'll treat you to that too.

I am so happy to hear the update on Maggie and your family. GOD is so good. Know that my prayers and thoughts will continue for you and your family. And can't forget to wish you a very happy anniversary I hope it is a wonderful day for you both.
I hope you don't mind my posting, but I feel like I know you, Warner Crocker and JK on the run, since my daughter Tracy from Student tablet pc has an almost on going talk about you all. I love reading all the grief she gets on the paperless chalenge!
thank you all for your wonderful encouragement.

It is indeed a great community.
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