Saturday, November 05, 2005


My OPML feeds

I have added a link to my Blog List that contains my OPML feeds – a list of sites that I follow daily – mostly tablet pc oriented, but also some technology ones as well. As I add feeds to my reader, I’ll be sure to keep this file up to date. I try to add these sites to my Blog List, but it’s a bit harder to make those changes. 

Feel free to download this file ( right click and choose Save Target As) and then import it into to your RSS reader.

Anybody else want to share their OPML files?

Wow, Rob you have quite a list! I added yours to mine and have spent this morning exploring the sites you included. I really like what you have.

I'd offer to share mine, but to be honest, most of mine originally came through links on your blog! Main sites of note (do a quick feed search if you want to add any):

I don't have a place to upload. If I can set something up, I'll post my list as well (or if you can recommend a free upload service).

Happy Sunday!
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