Tuesday, November 22, 2005


OneNote 12 Beta Testers

If you are beta testing OneNote 12, please let me know if you would be interested in testing the ESV Bible for OneNote.

I’ve finished several versions of printing to OneNote and need some feedback from some folks on formatting, organization, file structure, etc.

email me at rob at zoeinc dot com

Even though I'm not beta testing ON 12, could I still participate in evaluating the "ESV for OneNote" (assuming it's back compatible with earlier versions of ON) by giving you some feedback "on formating, organization, file structure, etc."?
unfortunately, I'm not sure that the file formats are backward compatible.

however, I'm considering whether to do the entire thing in OneNote 2003, then when OneNote 12 comes out, the files will be auto upgraded to the new format, including making them searchable.

There would also be some manual things involved, but for the most part it should work.

In regards to searching, here are some of the parameters that OneNote 2003 allows for searching text. You will find the organization and navigation to be somewhat similar to GoBinder 2003.

When you enter the text that you want to find during a search, consider the following tips:

Use quotation marks to find an exact phrase

To search for an exact phrase, enclose the phrase in quotation marks. For example, if you type "Frank Lee" and you have notes that include the names Frank Miller, Lee Oliver, and Frank Lee, OneNote finds only those notes that include the exact phrase Frank Lee. It does not find notes that include Frank Miller or Lee Oliver.
Use spaces to find words in the same paragraph

To search for multiple words that are not part of the same phrase, but appear in the same paragraph, separate each word with a space. Do not enclose the words in quotation marks. For example, if you type Frank Lee without quotation marks, OneNote finds paragraphs where both Frank and Lee occur, regardless of order. You can achieve the same result by typing NEAR between each word, such as Frank NEAR Lee.
Use "AND" to find pages that include multiple words

To search for only those notes that contain multiple words, type AND between each word. For example, if you type Frank AND Lee AND Oliver, OneNote finds notes that contain all three of those words, regardless of order.
Use "OR" to find pages that include any word

To search for notes that contain any of several words, type OR between each word. For example, if you type Frank OR Lee OR Oliver, OneNote finds notes that contain any of those three words.
Use uppercase and lowercase letters interchangeably

With the exception of AND, OR, and NEAR, search is not case sensitive. For example, if you type Monday, OneNote finds notes that contain both monday and Monday.
Use "audio recording started" or "video recording started" to find audio or video notes

When you record audio or video notes, OneNote automatically inserts the text "Audio recording started" or "Video recording started," depending on the type of recording. To search for audio notes, type audio recording started. To search for video notes, type video recording started.
Note Typing audio recording started also finds audio recordings that you imported from a Pocket PC or Microsoft Smartphone.

Use only the first few letters of a word to expand your search results

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