Friday, November 11, 2005


OneNote as Bible / book tool ?

How many of you would be opposed to using OneNote as the bible / book tool, if some good look up controls, etc could be built in? I would use the OneNote API to build it.

I’m not oppossed to buidling my own custom interface, but I want to gauge the interest. One of the good things about building it into OneNote would be the built-in audio capability.

Right now, I use OneNote and PC Study Bible in sermons and Bible studies since I don't have any of the Agilix products installed. For me, it would be a great combo especially since PC Study Bible doesn't appear to be moving towards ink any time soon.
I guess I hadn't thought of that. OneNote doesn't seem to be particularly good for handling long documents. Would you design it around secions (books) and pages (chapters)? That has some interesting possibilities, especially in that you could add fairly rich content to a passage by resizing the containers, etc. ON13 might make this even better, as it adds hyperlinking, etc.

I have to admit when I first read your post I thought, naw, it'll never work. As I've thought about it though, it has definite possibilities.
The main reason I never considered it before was because of the lack of searching printed documents and no internal hyperlnking - plus the fact that inking in OneNote just plain stinks (in my opinion)

With OneNote 12 due out next year ( I'll be beta testing it in the next couple of weeks ) and the number of improvements it will bring, the question needs to be asked. I'll certainly be examing the beta in light of what I can do with it Tablet Bible wise.

That is the organization I'm currently looking at, although I could add in some verse lookup that would make the paging process much simpler to navigate.

Having beta tested GoBinder 2006, the internal hyperlinking isn't there and there are no searching by flags or flag summaries. Those are, however, built in to OneNote.

I'm not opposed to writing my own app and I believe I can pull it off - it would just take a tremendous amount of time and effort to duplicate what OneNote will be offering or even what GoBinder is doing.

I've not received any word from any of the bible software folks about ink enabling their apps. Everytime I talk to e-sword, Rick tells me that it won't be happening.
I'm going to be part of the ON12 beta test as well. I'll try to think about this theme as I mess around with it.

Given what I've read on Chris & Owen's blog, I don't think you could ask for a more powerful foundaton. I was just thinking about the added bonus of everything scanned/inserted becoming instantly OCR'd. The metaphor doesn't see quite right, but let's see.

I had a prof in college who recommended this enormous Bible in a 3-ring binder. It was printed with huge margins. The binder nature gave you the flexibility to add photocopies of commentary notes, sermon notes, personal study notes, etc. I looked at these monsters (wanting to be like the prof) but I never bit...they were too expensive. Anyway using Onenote would allow one to do these types of things. I could see some great applications for journaling, pasting in commentary notes (which would then be searchable).

I know you know all this, I'm just thinking out loud.
Interesting idea, Rob. I use NetBible in class, because it comes as a directory of html. While this makes navigation with a pen quick and easy, it does not lend itself to searching due to the frames design of the default site. Still the linking and cross-referenced study notes are helpful. Happy to continue this discuss on the quest for the ideal ink-enabled Bible study tool. Eric
I'd jump on it Rob. I'd be willing to pay for this. As Marc Orchant says about Outlook, I "live" in OneNote (when I'm not in Outlook :) so this would be great for me. And the ESV has become me defacto translation for all my study. I still use other translations as crosschecks - but the ESV is really something else.

The neat thing about OneNote (if everything becomes searchable as Chris Pratley says) will be ability to import texts of commentaries, scans, and as you say voice - attaching MP3 sermons to various texts, recording your thoughts as opposed to, or in addition to inking them, etc.

If you mind map this project for ideas the possiblilities are pretty awesome in terms of what you can come up with as to things you could do with it.

If you need a beta tester down the road keep me in mind (I'll still pay for the software when it goes production).

I'd probably pay more than $20 for this - even $50 or more - depending on the capabilities.
Neat idea. Personally, I use EverNote ( and not OneNote, so I'd be interested in something for EverNote. As far as ink enabling Bible software goes, I use WordSearch 7 and like it a lot (; being able to ink in it would be neat, but I doubt the company would jump on that right now.
my two cents. :-)
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