Thursday, November 17, 2005


Tablet Guy Giveaway - Question 5

The best answer to the following question: wins.

“Why do you want a Tablet Guy?”

My channel 9 guy and msdn webcasts guy have been quarreling of late, it is not pretty. I'm thinking that either the tablet guy will bring some calm to the group or, based on Dr. Neil's blog entry, whip them into shape and restore peace to my work area.
With four daughters, I have always wanted a son!
In case no one's noticed, I'm obsessed with technology, and this extends to tech swag. I love my Cisco/Dell/3Com/Compaq shirts, my Dell drink cozy and cap, my HP backpack, my DreamWorks/New Horizons/McKesson messenger bags, my Fujitsu key chain (I lost my Microsoft one...*sob*), my ViewSonic light ball (I paid for that; it was on sale), my Microsoft Office 2003 thingy (I haven't figured out what it is; it's either a coaster set or a jewelry storage box), my APC mug, my radio that looks like a computer and has never been turned on, and goodness knows what else I have. We craves the swag! The greed burns us!

Having three daughters myself, I can completely relate.

The Tablet Guy is yours.

MiniMage - you are indeed a swag-ahoholic!
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