Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Tablet Guy Giveway - Question 1

I’ve got a few more Tablet Guys to give away than I originally thought. Seeing as how I’ve only received 1 response on the Tablet Guy story contest, I thought I might throw out a couple of more contests. I’m still accepting Tablet Guy story entries, though.

From Wednesday – Sunday, I’ll post a question of the day. The first one back with a correct answer wins. Be sure to post your email address as well. A person can  only win once. Check back on Thursday for question # 2

First question:

What famous person did I demo a tablet pc to? What brand of tablet pc was it and where was it demoed? Hint – dig around the


My task at CES in January was to walk around the expo floor and use my tablet. As I quickly found out, many people wanted to know what I was doing. I'd be sitting on the floor resting, checking my email, and sure enough someone would come up to me.

I'm walking around the trade show floor, taking notes on my M1400 , when comedian George Wallace taps me on the back wanting to see what I'm doing .

I demoed Journal and writing emails in Outlook. He was shocked that I could handwrite an email and send it to him right then. So I did!

TAKEOUTgismapperguy at
you got it!

A tablet guy will be on its way to you..
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