Monday, November 07, 2005


Warner asks "What Am I"

Warner gets the question going by asking “What Am I?”: a Tablet PC, a Slate Tablet PC, convertible Tablet PC, convertible notebook, a hybrid, a Mobile PC….you get the picture.

I think the tablet label will go away, and we will see notebook, convertible notebook, slate,  and ultra portable convertible notebook. They are all classified as mobile PCs. I believe if the tablet label sticks, it will replace the slate label. Wherever I see the tablet label, it almost always is in describing a computer with no keyboard.

The question won’t be ‘Can I write on it” – that will be a given. Touch won’t be a given, but writing will be.

If apple releases a slate, it won’t be called iTablet – Apple won’t give Microsoft the pleasure. It’ll be something like the iPad.

How about "iNote"? "iPad" sounds too close to "iPod"
you are right - iNote sounds good...iPad is too close to iPod
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