Thursday, November 17, 2005


Weblogg-ed - The Read/Write Web in the Classroom :

Checkout Weblogg-ed - The Read/Write Web in the Classroom  : for a pilot report of tablet PCs in the classroom. A sampling of the comments are on the blog:

This week, our Educational Technology Committee will make a recommendation on what route to take regarding the classroom model pilot we've been running here the last two months. For those that may not have caught my previous posts about this, our pilot model is a teacher Tablet PC, wireless network/Internet connection, and a wireless, ceiling mounted projector with screen. In preparation for the meeting, we've been collecting the responses from a survey of our pilot teachers, reflections the superviors at our school, and the report of an independent researcher we had come in to observe and interview the teachers. Hopefully, I can give a more complete picture of what the results a bit later on, but I just wanted to share some of the early feedback from the teachers. I will tell you that all of it, 100% has been positive.

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