Sunday, November 06, 2005


What Is New : "Applications make it"

Lora asks the question “What do you want” in terms of applications for the Tablet PC?

Me? I want Adobe Acrobat to support ink. PDF Annotator is great and i couldn’t imagine using my tablet pc without it, but when is Adobe going to step up to the plate and get this done already?

I want the brain storming module in MindManager to support ink.

I want Microsoft to buy TEO so it will finally add true ink functionality to Outlook. I want it there in Outlook 12 and not Outlook 13 / 14.

I want Agilix to add searching by note flags to GoBinder 2006 and not wait until the next release. Note flags are there – now give us something useful to do with them and please don’t wait until the next release. I might end up switching to OneNote 12 because of this.

I want folks to stop releasing rehashes of Agilix’s Infinotes Scribbler sample app and start adding unique functionality to it. Simply recompiling Scribbler and calling it your own app doesn’t cut it – innovate!

This whole process has caused me to start to rethink my implementation of the ESV Bible. I’m still going to finish it up to work within GoBinder (I’m already half way finished), but I honestly believe I can release a simple application that will offer better searching, chapter look ups, etc. It’ll likely be built using InfiNotes as the note taking module. That is why Microsoft and Agilix worked together on this API – to make it easier for companies to embed notetaking into application.

Yes, regarding the ESV, please, Rob, rethink the format. All the inking capabilities in the world won't make it useful if there isn't a convenient way to navigate between verses and chapters, ala a tree or the like that can collapse and expand with the touch of the digitizer.

P.S.: How's your daughter Maggie doing?
Maggie is doing really well. Her recovery is coming along slowly. No seizures as of yet, but still dealing with a lot of anxiety, as well as some physical stomach issues. We think she might have an ulcer. thanks for asking...

regarding the bible app - would you be willing to pay $20 for an improved interface that you can access the ESV with?
Yes, I'd be more than willing to pay more, much more (and it'd be nice to have built-in hyperlinks to ESV's excellent footnotes/references system, but I won't hold my breath waiting for this feature). As I said in a previous e-mail, the Tablet PC is a Godsend for efficacious Bible study (we've finally got the hardware; all we need now is the software, and so far you're the only game in town). I just hope someone (maybe you!) gives the matter some careful and imaginative thought. I've found BibleWorks, Gramcord, Logos -- you name it, I've tried it -- very cumbersome, especially for notetaking and reference navigation, the two basic features that should be the most user-friendly.

P.S. Tell your lovely daughter that she probably got the ulcer from trying to decipher all those bizarre e-cards we sent her from Korea. Or perhaps from laughing at their awkward English (I'm their teacher, so blame me).
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