Saturday, November 12, 2005


What Is New : What do you use a PC for anyway?

In answer to Lora’s question about what influenced me to buy a Tablet PC? I bought one in December of 2002 when there were very few applications. It was the promise of things to come – the allure of what the applications could be like. The hardware was attractive, but it was a means to the software.

What keeps me using a Tablet PC today? It is still the allure of things to come, but the primary thing that says “ahh…you really need a tablet pc to do that the way you want to” is MindManager. I just love taking notes that way.

I also love taking notes in my Bible. it is why I’m still exploring the best way to develop an app to give folks a dedicated application for inking on their Bible and possibily books.

Without those two applications, I honestly could justify not using a Tablet PC. I would be satisfied with just doing everything in text.

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