Monday, November 28, 2005


Where are you and others getting your Tablet PC news?

What sites, blogs, search engines, etc do you use to keep caught up on Tablet PC news?

Probably all the same places you are Rob.

My sources include you, Warner, JK, Marc Orchant, The Buzz, Tablet PC Review Spot, the Heinys, MSFT bloggers, TabletPCBlogs, Tablet PC questions etc.

From time to time I do a search on Technorati, Bloglines and Newsgator as well as the beta site but normally forget to do these ;)
Buzz and TabletPCBlogs, mostly, but I also get the Tablet PC Newsletter and read the MS tabletpc newsgroup.
JkOntherun, tabletPcbuzz, Whatisnew, RobBusway Blog, Incremential blogger, tabletPCQuestions, TablulaPC, TabletPCTalk, TabletPC2,, TheStudent TabletPC, TabletPC News search on google, and differents other blogs. And also TabletPC'Corner Forum
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