Friday, December 09, 2005


Adding a Thinkpad to the mix

I picked up a new Thinkpad X41T Tablet PC last night for a great price (including 8 cell battery). I’ll be adding it to the mix and will take it to my client later next week. I’m really looking for to putting my hands on one.

My gut tells me that my customer will either go for the LE1600 or the Thinkpad. The TC1100 won’t be fast enough, and the Gateway will be much to heavy for toting around the manufacturing floor. If he goes for the LE1600 or Thinkpad, I don’t think he’ll go for the extended battery – he’ll be going for light weight. Both the LE1600 and Thinkpad have the same screen resolution and 12” screens.  The Toshiba M200 resolution will be too small for his eyes.

I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

Rob, make sure you point out some of the little details that sometimes go unnoticed about the X41. People often focus on screen size, CPU, memory, etc, but ignore the other issues that make a laptop really usable. IBM/Lenovo have added some really great funcationality with the Connections utility and the function keys. My older Thinkpads had these same features, but they seem to be updated on the X41.

I roam between a number of wireless networks, even in Kosovo, and my X41 picks up each one, changes the default printer, the proxy, etc. Couldn't be better! The function keys really make adding a projector or seconary monitor a snap.

I'm a big believer in the X41!
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